Birtwistle Optometrist

Established in South Ayrshire for 40 Years

Practices in Girvan and Maybole  

Girvan Practice Established 1982
55 Dalrymple Street
KA26 9BS
Maybole Practice Established 1985

73 High Street

KA19 7AB

Meet the Team

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Michael Birtwistle Optometrist

“I’m Michael Birtwistle , I started a Optomitrist practice in Girvan  in 1982 . and opened a second practice in Maybole in 1985. 

A lot has happened in respect of eyecare over the years and if you would like to keep up with current services available at the practices and general healthcare about looking after your eyes , have a look at the Articles Page from the menu abobe. Some of our recent articles are shown below.

How long have you been in the Practice ?

I have been carrying out detailed eye examinations to test vision and identify problems here in my practice in Girvan since 1982, and 1985 in Maybole  but I  have a lot more to offer than just eye care.

It’s important to keep your eyes healthy and Schedule your exam to check the health of your eyes.

Your eyes are a gateway to the world. I’m here to make sure they stay healthy and you can see as best as you can .

What Is an Optometrist – Is it not The same thing as an Optician ?

Well not exactly –

Whilst an optician is not an eye doctor; they are an essential part of your health care team. They are key to detecting silent disease such as glaucoma. An optometrist writes a prescription and an optician fits and sells glasses and contact lenses to correct vision

Latest Articles

Hers a list of Mike’s latest articles

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March 12, 2021

I have an OCT machine (the first in Ayrshire outside the Ayr Hospital) which has revolutionized the early detection of so many eye diseases and I bet most of my patients (maybe including you?) don’t even know I have it.

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March 12, 2021

How the quality of your life is affected when your vision starts to fall.. Imagine far a while how you would feel if you couldnt read...