— Welcome, I'm Micheal Birtwistle

About me

I am an an Optometrist and the owner of Birtwistle Optometrist and my Passion is eyecare...

It took my 7 years to study to become an Optometrist

Optometrists carry out detailed eye examinations to test vision and identify problems.

As an optometrist, I can use a variety of instruments & tools to examine their patient’s eyes and test their vision. An optometrist would then diagnose the condition and give advice accordingly…

 I am qualified to fit you for glasses and contact lenses, diagnose eye conditions, and discuss the right shape of frames

Using my extensive knowledge of the eye, I would be able to detect problems, and refer you to specialists or ophthalmologists if needed.

My areas of expertise include contact lenses, sports vision, and low vision.

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